Saturday, December 30, 2006

Our Trip to Anchorage

As soon as school was out in May, we hopped on a flight to Anchorage to see our new baby girl, Jenna Gardiner. Kristy and Brett were gracious hosts for two weeks while we got re-acquainted with Dallin (4), Jared (2), and Jenna (born April 20, 2006.) What a fun time we had. Grandma made quilts, curtains, and a crib ruffle for Jenna's room. Grandpa had fun being a part of Dallin's creative world of dinosaurs. He also played ball with Jared. Both of us enjoyed watching Kristy play house with her new little girl. With three baby showers, Jenna had enough clothes (with bracelets and hair bows to match) to change clothes two or three times a day!

It looks like the Gardiners will be staying in Anchorage. Brett has a successful dental practice in Anchorage. He is also Young Men's President in their ward. Kristy teaches the high school kids in Sunday School and also plays the piano for the ward choir. I'm sure Anchorage could not survive without them, although I'm not certain that we can either. It gives us an excuse to go up and do some more fishing. We certainly enjoyed our visit with this fun family.